May 7, 2020
PPE Distribution to Community Physicians

Alberta Health Services is coordinating allocation of Personal Protective Equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. View the revised process for distribution of PPE to specialist physicians working in community (non-AHS) settings.
PPE distribution processes to the following groups has NOT changed and will continue as per usual:
Physicians working in AHS or contracted facilities who have questions regarding the PPE ordering process should contact their local CPSM Site Services Supervisor through AHS Insite.

How to identify and discontinue medications, where necessary, in older patients

Mr. Jones is 89 and presenting with a four-month history of increasing confusion and recurrent falls. His past medical history includes Alzheimer’s dementia, benign prostatic hypertrophy, atrial fibrillation, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety and depression. His current medications include amitriptyline 50 mg daily, lorazepam 1 mg daily, amlodipine 10 mg daily, zopiclone 15 mg daily, oxybutynin (ER) 5 mg three times a day, donepezil 5 mg daily and furosemide 40 mg daily.
Older adults are more likely to develop multiple medical problems and be prescribed medications. As the number of medical problems increase, so does the number of medications that are prescribed. Older adults are at a high risk of experiencing complications from their medications, which includes adverse drug effects (e.g., falls, delirium) and polypharmacy, which is discussed later on. Stopping i.e., deprescribing, medications which are unnecessary or potentially inappropriate due to their high rates of side effects can reduce these risks; however, how this should be done is unclear.
What is the practical approach to deprescribing?

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren is AMA's President-Elect

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren has been acclaimed to the position of Alberta Medical Association President-Elect for 2020-21. Dr. Warren will assume the role on September 26, at the close of the Fall 2020 Representative Forum meeting.
Learn more about Dr. Warren
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Investing is easy – until it's not: The benefits of a real-life advisor
With technology making DIY investing easier, is there a reason for a real-life advisor? Investing is relatively easy when stock markets go through extended periods of relative calm, times when most portfolios move up. However, these periods inevitably give way to increased volatility, when stocks sell off broadly and investors see their gains reduced.
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Virtual Care Webinar for AHS Physicians

Alberta Health Services Virtual Health offers tools to support health care encounters between clinicians and with patients, including patients in self-isolation, those who are unable to attend an AHS clinic, or those located in rural and remote areas. AHS's goal is to support quality virtual care, anytime, anywhere. AHS staff, clinicians in all disciplines, and physicians can visit for more information and resources.
AHS Virtual Health is now hosting regular webinars and office hours, every Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m., to provide AHS staff, clinicians and physicians with tips and tricks for using Zoom to connect with colleagues and patients.
Visit to learn more

AMA Committee on Achievement Awards: Online applications now being accepted

The deadline to apply is June 8
The AMA is currently recruiting to fill a number of positions on the Committee on Achievement Awards, including chairperson and five members.
Our online application process makes it easy to apply! To view the postings and apply, visit the AMA committee recruitment web page (login required).

Patients are benefiting from care continuity in the midst of the pandemic

COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines and the work of many health care providers this spring, but in some cases it has provided opportunity for them to make improvements through newly available technology. There are currently over 70 clinics and 250 physicians enrolled in the Community Information Integration - Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII-CPAR) program. Albertans are benefiting from improved continuity of care and physicians using Healthquest and participating in CII/CPAR have also seen benefits.
Learn more

Students: Have you travelled to complete an elective?
We want to help you with your expenses! The ADIUM Student Elective Travel Grant is now accepting applications for the 2020 grant.
The grant helps AMA medical student members defray the high costs of necessary travel to complete electives, whether within Alberta, across Canada or internationally.
Learn more and apply

View April 2020 updates to eReferral Advice Requests

Physicians and their clinical support staff can now submit eReferral Advice Requests (i.e., non-urgent questions answered by a specialist within five calendar days) to OBS-GYNUrogynecology and PediatricsGastroenterology in the Edmonton Zone. eReferral has also expanded Advice Request service to new Zones for the following specialties:
  • Orthopedic Surgery (Shoulder issue)* 
  • Otolaryngology (Otolaryngology issue)
  • Otolaryngology (Peds otolaryngology issue)
  • Psychiatry – Child and Adolescent (child and adolescent psychiatric health issue)
Read the full update

Survey Corner

Health care partners and other organizations often seek physician feedback through surveys. This month, the following is available for your consideration:
Couples & COVID-19: A study of health care workers and their partners
Research study conducted by the Lydon Lab, McGill University, Department of Psychology
WHO: Health care workers and their romantic partners
  • Age: 21-49
  • Relationship length: 6+ months
  • Partner not a health care worker
Study closes: May 20
Editor's note: "Survey Corner" presents survey requests received and reviewed by the AMA, that may be of interest to our members. We will publish new opportunities as we receive them.
Send us your survey for consideration

MD Scope Classifieds
In the May 7, 2020 MD Scope Classifieds you'll find listings for:
Physicians wanted
- Space available
- For sale
- Services
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