May 2022
From the Primary Care Alliance
While being mindful of the ongoing crisis in healthcare, I wanted to share the positive work underway to find a way forward. AMA recently launched a series of
care deficit assessment reports to help physicians, patients, partners, and stakeholders identify possibilities and look for solutions.

These reports document key issues, including pediatric mental health, women’s health, elder care advocacy, and the strain in emergency departments with more reports on the way. They are meant to generate discussion and mine for good ideas as we bring these problems to light and help everyone involved understand what is happening in our health care system. 
You can support this work by directing your patients to (Download a poster for handout or display). It’s also on Twitter. AMA has set up as a place where patients can easily share their own care deficit experiences and they want to hear from as many Albertans as possible. Details about what patients are experiencing will help the AMA to better advocate for change and improvements.

Much of the conversation is focused on immediate work-arounds and short-term fixes and rightly so, but as we know, health care nation-wide needs a complete overhaul. With that in mind, I draw your attention to the release of the full version the

Primary Care 2030 White Paper and the publishing of several associated resources for physicians, including questions and answers, key messages, and slide decks. This paper is meant to start conversations and offers workable solutions for the long term. I welcome your input – email

Physicians are problem solvers by nature. I am hopeful that by working together with our partners, patients, and stakeholders, and through the development of new supports and embracing new work models, solutions may emerge that will stabilize family medicine in our province.

To close, in the spirit of
Alberta Rural Health Week and the recent World Family Doctor Day, let’s acknowledge the efforts of our colleagues across the province. And if you need a positive pick-me-up, I suggest reading a few of these heart-warming stories from grateful patients on the Alberta College of Family Physicians Heart of Family Medicine website.

Take care,
Dr. Brad Bahler
Primary Care Alliance

Who is the patient's family physician? Start looking in Netcare.

In April, 847 physicians and nurse practitioners were sending their patient panels to the Central Patient Attachment Registry and now their names appear in the Netcare records of over 825,000 Albertans. The numbers grow monthly with participation in CII/CPAR.

Learn more at the link and see how this change is independent of other eHealth changes.

Hope and Healing after Trauma - Reflections for Physicians

This free session on Jun. 7 is presented by retired General Roméo Dallaire, whose story, messages, and example are both credible and emotionally resonant for physicians. The parallel between General Dallaire’s experience and that of physicians in Alberta is striking. Dallaire shares what he has learned and addresses operational (occupational) stress injuries while offering a path to recovery.

This free event is hosted by the AMA
Physician and Family Support Program. Please register at the link below.

Honour Indigenous History Month with Kimmapiiyipitssini: The meaning of empathy
Alberta College of Family Physicians’ Collaborative Mentorship Network invites you to screen the award-winning film, Kimmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy alongside your primary care peers and discuss the film with a panel of guest speakers including Dr. Esther Tailfeathers on Wednesday, Jun. 8 at 7:30 p.m. MT.
Access to the film begins June 3.

Register at the link below.
Are you interested in improving heart failure symptom management for patients in the medical home?

One:carepath Co-Design: The development, implementation, and evaluation of an Innovative Integrated Supportive Care Pathway by primary care across Alberta.
This work focuses on enhanced support for patients with advanced stage diseases within their medical home.
The team is looking to interview 3-5 primary care physicians to know more about their role and thinking within the process of symptom management in heart failure.
If this sounds like your area of interest visit the link below to learn more. 

COVID-19 Resources 

Evusheld now offered for prevention of COVID-19
Beginning May 26, AHS is offering a new medication, tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld), for prevention of COVID-19, to Albertans who are highly immunocompromised. It will be provided through a third-party provider. For details on what to do if you have a patient who may eligible for Evusheld, see this
memo and: COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment; Patients FAQ; Healthcare Providers FAQ. Questions:

Continuous masking remains in AHS facilities
Because COVID-19 is still circulating in our community, AHS is maintaining continuous masking procedures in AHS facilities. AHS continues to ask all visitors, staff, physicians, volunteers, and designated support persons to mask up in patient care areas and other common spaces, including cafeterias and waiting areas. For details, see this
memo from the PPE Task Force. 
Monkeypox information
For background information, FAQs and testing details on monkeypox, please refer to Testing for Monkeypox. AHS is working with Alberta Health to develop further guidance for clinicians regarding the management of this emerging issue, and more information will be provided in the coming days. Questions:
New cancer screening videos available
Seven short new cancer screening videos aimed at patients are now available on
These videos aim to increase awareness of why breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening is so important and how it is done here in Alberta. The videos are currently being translated into six different languages which will be available on the website soon. This work was made possible due to funding provided by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

Webinar: Pieces of Compassion
On June 7 from 12–1 p.m., Patient & Family Centred Care (Calgary Zone) are hosting a webinar exploring why compassion is essential for healthcare providers and patients. All physicians, healthcare staff and volunteers from any zone are welcome. Register now for the webinar. 
The webinar is an excellent warm-up for
What Matters to You? Day on June 9. Send questions to
Resources on seizures and driving 
A new resource clarifies the process for Albertans wanting to return to driving after experiencing their first seizure. Developed by the Neurosciences, Rehabilitation & Vision Strategic Clinical Network and its partners, this patient-oriented resource can be found here: Seizures: Driving in Alberta after a first-time seizure.

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