October 15, 2020
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  • Stand together. Renew your AMA membership.
  • Nominate Zonal/Regional RF Delegates
  • Skip the hold music with TD Insurance's direct line
  • TDIMM/AMA Scholarship: $7,500 awarded
  • Do you have a great health promotion idea?
  • Get extended health and dental coverage
  • eNotifications: a big impact on patient care
  • It's now easier to get your consults on Netcare!
  • Connect Care ‘Wave 2’ launching in Edmonton
  • A better path for advanced stage patients
  • September eReferral updates
  • 2 surveys seeking physician feedback

Stand together. Renew your AMA membership.
As the physicians of Alberta face the two years that lie ahead, every membership counts. We must stand together, and if we do, we will come out of this period stronger and more prepared than ever to support our patients and each other.
Have you renewed your membership yet? Renewing is the first and most important way that you and every doctor in Alberta can contribute to this fight. By standing together, we will come out of this period stronger and more prepared than ever to support our patients and each other. Continue reading to find out how and view an infographic we developed to show how your membership dues will make a difference. 
How your membership dues make a difference

Call for Nominations: Zonal/Regional RF Delegates
The Call for Nominations for Zonal/Regional RF Delegates is now open. Vacancies are available in South Zone (Regions 1 and 2), Calgary Zone, Central Zone (Region 4), Edmonton Zone and North Zone (Regions 7, 8 and 9).
Nominations are due by 9 a.m., Friday, November 6.

Skip the hold music with TD Insurance's direct line
Did you know TD Insurance Meloche Monnex has a dedicated phone line for AMA members with TDIMM home and automobile insurance? Some have told us they're experiencing long wait times calling into the TDIMM number for the general public.
Stop sitting on hold and call 1.844.859.6566 today!   

2020 TDIMM/AMA scholarship recipients
Every year the AMA and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex team up to award exceptional physicians with a scholarship. This year there were four $7,500 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Scholarships awarded. The recipients are:
Dr. Cameron Elliott
Complex Epilepsy Surgery Fellowship at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, England, UK.
Dr. Pavandeep Gill
Clinical fellowship in Dermatopathology at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre at the University of Texas in Houston, Texas.
Dr. Paul Jordaan
Enhanced Training in Anesthesia at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.
Dr. Michael Wang
Fellowship in Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto.
This scholarship is awarded annually to support a resident physician's training in an area where clinical expertise is needed in Alberta. Scholarship recipients return the value by bringing relevant, enhanced skills to meet patient needs.
Learn more about the
TDIMM/AMA Scholarship

Dr. Finola Hackett (R) ELiHP grant recipient for 2017-18 project
“Integrating Healthy Living for New Canadians”

Grant applications are due October 30!
Have you submitted an application for the Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant? If you have a great health promotion idea, be sure to send your application to us by Friday, October 30.
Grant amounts are flexible (minimum of $500 per grant) and there is a budget of up to $20,000 available to distribute among deserving projects for 2020-21! 
Get more information and apply today

Health Benefits open enrolment ends October 31!
Now is your opportunity to enroll in our popular AMA Health Benefits Trust Fund. The fund provides extended health and dental care not covered by the provincial health insurance plan. Depending on your needs, the fund can cover you and your immediate family and, optionally, your full-time employees as well.
Learn more and enroll

eNotifications: how a simple check-in can impact patient care and satisfaction
As a participant in the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry initiative, Dr. Barney Truong receives eNotifications in his EMR. These notifications tell him if one of his patients has had an emergency department discharge or was admitted or discharged from hospital.
Dr. Truong received an eNotification recently and during a phone call with his patient to follow up, he was able to learn about changes to the patient's medications and resulting unintended consequences. Armed with this information, Dr. Truong was able to provide advice to his patient and reassure him that someone was taking care of him. Since then, Dr. Truong has noticed similar cases where patients are very appreciative of a quick call to check in, following an emergency room visit or hospital stay.
Learn more
To learn more how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care work together, read this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Community-based physicians: You asked for it, so we built it!
We heard a call for a way to confirm and record a patient’s attachment to their family physician and we answered with the Central Patient Attachment Registry. To date, almost 200,000 patient/provider relationships have been declared and recorded in CPAR.
“Help get our consult reports on Netcare!” was what we heard from community-based specialists. The Community Information Integration system allows your high-quality consult reports to be seen by your patient's other providers. As of September, over 50,000 consults are now in Netcare from community providers because of CII.
Because of you, these two pieces of technology were built and work together to transfer select information from community-based physicians EMRs to Alberta Netcare.
Learn more about CII/CPAR and get started
Family Physicians:
Specialists (with a community-based practice): 
To learn more how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care work together, read this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Connect Care will launch ‘Wave 2’ at Edmonton suburban sites October 24
Community practitioners are a significant part of any person’s care team, and it’s vital that you have information and awareness about Connect Care and how it will support and benefit the care of your patients. Regardless of which wave you’re in or where you practice, to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing delivery of laboratory and diagnostic imaging results to your office, community providers in Alberta need to:
  • Use Connect Care Identifiers
  • Use new requisitions to order labs and diagnostic imaging that can incorporate those identifiers
  • Advise AHS if your practice location(s) change, even if short term
  • Provide your preferred method for receiving results and other information from AHS and affiliated organizations
Community health care providers continue to use their existing Electronic Medical Records and other processes to manage patient information that is not part of the AHS record of care.
Learn more
Contact Connect Care: ccproviderbridge@ahs.ca
Update your provider information with AHS: AHS.Provider_Requests@ahs.ca
To learn more how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care work together, read this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Finding a better path for advanced stage patients
Do you care for complex patients with advanced-stage chronic or non-curative conditions? Would you like better supports and improved coordination for yourself, and improved quality of life for your patients, while reducing system costs? If this sounds like your clinic, One:Path may be the answer for your practice.
One:Path provides funding and resources to Primary Care Networks and participating practices to co-design and test solutions that are tailored at a local level.
One:Path is an integrated Supportive Care Pathway and a provincial initiative that takes a proactive and co-managed approach in care planning with patients who have advanced-stage (non-curative) lung, heart, liver and kidney disease and/or cancers. It aims to:
  • provide symptom and crisis management
  • help patients maintain quality of life and functional status
  • avoid aggressive treatments, where appropriate
  • align care with patient preferences and values.
Want to learn more or get involved? Visit One:Path or email Kirby Scott, Senior Project Manager.
Learn more about One:Path

September 2020 eReferral Advice and Consult Request Updates
eReferral updates are just a click away! Check out this new video for eReferral Advice and Consult Request changes made in September.
For quick references on how to submit an eReferral request, visit the Alberta Netcare Learning Centre. For training support, contact the eHealth Netcare Support Services team at 1.855.643.8649 or email ehealthsupport@cgi.com.
More information about eReferral

Survey Corner
Health care partners and other organizations often seek physician feedback through surveys. This month, the following is available for your consideration:
Provider Survey for Patients that are Directly Discharged Home or Transferred from ICUs
Study to determine health care providers and stakeholders’ satisfaction and comfort level with patients who have been directly discharged home from or transferred out of the intensive care unit. Study conducted by researchers from the University of Saskatchewan.
Clinical Experiences with Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Study to gauge current awareness of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and seeks perspectives with diagnosis and treatment of NDDs. Study conducted by researchers from the University of Mannheim and has been approved by the University of Mannheim Ethics Committee.
Editor's note:
"Survey Corner" presents survey requests received and reviewed by the AMA, that may be of interest to our members. We will publish new opportunities as we receive them.
Send us your survey for consideration

MD Scope Classifieds
In the October 15, 2020 MD Scope Classifieds you'll find listings for:
Physicians wanted
- Space available
- For sale
- Services
View MD Scope Classifieds

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