Physicians Taking Care of Physicians: How Can I Help My Colleagues?
The Physician and Family Support Program believes that all physicians can benefit from having a personal family physician to maintain optimal health and thus enable them to better care for their patients. The PFSP considers peer-to-peer support to be an important element contributing to the health and sustainability of the profession.
The Physicians for Physicians (P4P) program is a confidential network of family physicians who are willing to take colleagues as patients in their practices. This program is used by physicians in all career stages and its success relies on family physicians to voluntarily sign up to participate. Signing up for P4P is easy. Learn more about the program and enroll today at Physicians for Physicians (P4P) Program.
In 2021 the PFSP made 239 referrals to physicians participating in the P4P program across Alberta. This is a 48% increase over 2020 and highlights the urgent need to expand access to this vital program. Calgary and Edmonton see the most requests for referrals and so the PFSP is in particular need of more P4P providers in these cities.
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